Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.

(Henry Ford)


The Intesia Group covers the whole spectrum of Facility Management, starting with the preparation and ending with the steering of diverse services. Our client can choose our "Facility Management Full Service", "Facility Management Shared Service" or "Facility Management Consulting", depending on their particular needs.


Subject Fields

Our Facility Management expertise covers the four central subject fields: Organisation, Energy, Technology and Services. Further information about out specific services in this field can be found on the detail pages.


Satisfied Clients

Through better Solutions for Facility Management

When efficiency, methodical procedures and international know-how unite with flexibility and consistent customer orientation, new and better solutions for Facility Management can evolve.

This philosophy can be seen in all levels of our company and is embraced by our employees on a daily basis. And is appreciated by our clients.




For a logistic company in Germany we implement a waste management concept which ensures the optimal marketing of assorted recyclable material.


For self-service wholesale in Italy we were able to improve profits by reducing the local municipal taxes.


For a wholesale company in france we achieve interesting quality and cost benefits by standardised maintenance of all facilities at all sites.