The Intesia Method

Your Facility Management in Perfect Balance

Sustainable, successful Facility Management must meet numerous requirements. Managing real estate is not only a question of costs, but also the quality of Facility Management services, the hedging of possible risks and the effects on the environment equally. Otherwise a one-sided and cost oriented Facility Management results, damaging the real estate, its users and operators, and thus in the medium term its owner.

To bring the central Facility Management requirements into an effective accordance, we have developed the Intesia Method. This method ensures that each puzzle piece of Facility Management is aimed at the optimisation of all relevant factors. Our focus lies on an integral Facility Management. Therefore, we view all tasks and activities with our four pairs of glasses: "Costs", "Risk", "Quality" and "Environment". Consequently, Intesia guarantees that in each sector of your Facility Management, whether it is the analysis, preparation, implementation or monitoring, the most important Facility Management factors are considered and an optimal balance is found. Your added value: a sustainably successful, secure and cost-optimal Facility Management.


Intesia supports you with managing your real estates economically. We bring transparency to your Facility Management costs and show you where cost drivers and savings potentials can be found. We set the price and quality of the rendered services in relation with each other. With this information, promising optimisation measures can be clearly detected and selectively controlled and implemented.


No compromises when it comes to safety: Intesia analyses the business and operating risks and how these can be avoided, reduced or secured. As an internationally established company, we can moreover inform you competently about the current market and legal situation in the different countries. On this basis you can make the best possible decisions.


The costs and quality of a Facility Management service must always stand in a reasonable relationship to each other. With us you gain a full overview of how much you pay for a Facility Management service and whether the rendered quality meets your individual requirements. As an independent partner, Intesia furthermore controls and manages the quality of the rendered Facility Management services of the appointed operational service providers. We set them clear benchmarks and review their fulfillment continuously with the help of neutral figures and benchmarks.


Real estate's stands in interaction with humans and their environment. With Intesia, you ensure your real estate's positive influence on your social and ecological environment. Intesia supports you in reducing your real estate foot print, managing sustainably and including the environments team. For a strong CSR and an integral positive performance of your company.